staff, cast


Director, Camera, and Editor   Makoto Sasaki

Producer  Miyuki Tanaka

Camera  Ikuma Horii Hirotsugu Nakao
Audio Post Production  Nobuhiko Shimbashi

Still Photography     Katsumi Omori Hajime Kato
PR and Graphic Design    Rikako Nagashima Ray Masaki(village®)
Web Programming     Kei Fujimoto

Ayako Ogota  Koji Okano  Kanami Sakai  Rio Sekiba  Sachiko Sone  Kaito Niwa

Research Support  A-Lab Co., Ltd.  CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.
Club Tourism International Inc.   National Museum of Nature and Science
Ken Sagawa (Japan Women’s University)
SINKA Corporation  Shinjuku Historical Museum

ACROSS ENTERTAINMENT, inc.   Inagawa Motoko Office
November Agency Co Ltd.   FREE WAVE CO.,LTD.
Production BAOBAB Co.   Mizue Ashikaga
Koichi Shiota   Osamu Mizutani   Mihana Morimoto   Midori Yaguchi

Location Support
WINK2   Kyoto City University of Arts   CROW STUDIO
Studio Alpha Vega   doob-3d Shibuya
DOMMUNE   Maekawa Guitar Craft   EuroLive

Audio Description Writer  Miyuki Tanaka
Audio Description Coordination and Closed Caption Production    Palabra inc.

English Subtitles  Ayumi Kageyama Jonathan M.  Hall

Planning, Production, and Distribution   being there co./Invisible Executive Committee

Distribution and PR Cooperation    UPLINK Co.
PR Cooperation  Masae Kumano

Grant Funding
The Nippon Foundation
The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

Corporate Sponsors
the paper, LLC
Mori Inc.



Writer and Director      Hideyuki Kato

Assistant Director and Project Manager      Makoto Sasaki
Producer and Project Manager    Miyuki Tanaka

Sound Recording and Sound Design      Nobuhiko Shimbashi
Sound Recording      Kyoichi Sakuyama
Writing Cooperation  Hirotoshi Kobayashi

Concept Image Cooperation  Luminous Productions Co., Ltd. / SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.
Lead Concept Artist Yuuki Matsuzawa
Lead Concept Artist Yuusaku Nakaaki
Concept Artist Kenji Niki
Concept Artist Kentarou Kimura
Environment Artist Norihito Ueno
Development Manager Tomohiro Hasegawa
Project Manager Ryuhei Ozai
Project Manager Akiko Ota

Scene 1
Art     Teppei Kaneuji
Camera     Tetsuya Shiota, Hideyuki Kato
Lighting   Reiko Kawashima
Editor   Makoto Sasaki

Scenes 2 and 4
Pre Visualization     Just Cause Productions, Inc.
Producer    Takuya Shibata
Director      Ken Ohara
Animator      Tomonori Hirata
Animator      Masaaki Ida
Motion Capture Operator      Miyuki Munekane
Motion Capture Operator      Yuika Nakajima

Scenes 3 and 5
Cast     Edih   Toshimitsu Kokido
Lesk   Alno LeGale
Tatiyana    Akira Toyoda
Cinematography    Tetsuya Shiota
Digital Imaging Technician and Editor  Kazuya Hayashi
Project Manager     Noboru Miyashita
Production Support     Toshiaki Kikushima
Visual Effects     Yoshinori Ban
Stylist      Eri Takayama
Stylist Assistant     Haruka Sato
Hair and Makeup    Rie Tomomori

Scene 6
Production Direction  Shota Yamauchi
Cooperation  Luminous Productions Co., Ltd./SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.
VFX  Artist Ryota Nozoe
Environment Artist Norihito Ueno
AI Engineer Tatsuhiro Joudan
Engineer Ryota Nishizawa
Lead AI Researcher Yoichiro Miyake
Development Manager Tomohiro Hasegawa
Project Manager Ryuhei Ozai

Voice Actors    Edih    Koichi Yamadera
Lesk     Nobutoshi Kanna
Tatiyana    Mamiko Noto
Connor     Robert Harris
Narrator   Hiroya Ishimaru

Film Score
Composer  Hideyuki Kato
Arranger and Drummer (Scene 2)  Itoken

Title Design  Hideyuki Kato
Title Animation  Shota Goshozono(wakabane media party)


Director: Makoto Sasaki

Sasaki’s first documentary movie Fragment came out to the public in 2006 and achieved a long run of three years including overseas screening in the United States and Germany. 2 or 3 Examples About Minorities and Sex (2007) came out in the following year as a part of the omnibus film Hadaka over 8, shown internationally in different locations as a single film. His directed titles include INNERVISION (2013), MINORITIES AND SEX: STRICTLY PERSONAL WAY OF LOVE (2015), and CONVERSATIONS WITH MYSELF: Recollecting the 10 years of Minori-Majorite Travel (2016), all screened in various locations throughout Japan. Other works as a producer include Resident Evil 5 Behind the Scenes (2009), and Barrier-Free Communication – Do we not have sex or can we not have sex!? (2014) by Fuji Television NONFIX. He was also engaged in the screenplays of GOEMON (2008) directed by Kazuaki Kiriya, and Puzzle (2014) featuring Kaho as the starring actress, and many other films.
Sasaki has had lectures and screenings at University of Southern California, The University of Tokyo, Keio University, and other institutions. He regularly holds talk sessions over films with Makoto Wada, Robert Harris and other panelists. Many of his works focus on the boundaries between the majority and the minority; utilizing the documentary method to question the overall scheme of the society from the perspective of the minority’s.

Main cast: Hideyuki Kato

Born 1977 in Tokyo, and currently lives in Tokyo. He is congenitally blind. He serves as a system engineer, and a musician (E-bass guitar). He is a member of the band, celcle. He occasionally composes songs. Kato made appearance in the film innervision. He works as a lecturer at an international preschool. His hobbies include cooking, crafting, and works that require precise skills to the extent that cause you a headache (e.g., building plastic models).

Producer: Miyuki Tanaka

As a curator, Tanaka has been engaged in a number of exhibitions, performances, and publication editorials. Her activities are based on creativity and communication found in everyday life. After being engaged in the exhibitions, bones (2009) and The Definition of Self (2010) at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, her interests often include technology, where future of humans and the society could be found. She curated LIFE by MEDIA: Proposing new forms of life and living with media and YCAMDOMMUNE at Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM] in commemoration of its 10th anniversary. At Miraikan, she took in charge of Prosthetic Fashion Show: Rhythm of athletics, and the collaborative live event between a band from the social welfare facility Shobu Gakuen and musician Masakatsu Takagi, “subliminal wave of light” otto & orabu × Masakatsu Takagi LIVE at Miraikan. She has continuously been engaged in projects related to disabilities, including Japan Foundation presents Disability × Performing Arts Series 2016: dialogue without vision (2016, Kanagawa Arts Theatre), exhibition The Great Ordinary (2017, Borderless Art Museum NO-MA), and performance CREATIVE AUDIO DESCRIPTION: dance work-in-progress seen by ears (2017, Kanagawa Arts Theatre) among other projects. Her projects present disabilities as an alternative perspective of re-viewing the world.